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The product we have here is called Citrox of which there are three “sub products” .

Citrox is a  100% natural  plant based product, made from a combination of citric & malic acids and bioactive compounds designed to enhance hygiene and food safety by replacing  harmful aggressive chemicals with alternative “clean label”, food safe, washing, fogging and antimicrobial materials. Citrox can be deployed with confidence in healthcare, food processing and all areas where hygiene, food and human safety are critical.  It is the future in regard to food, personal hygiene, best practice and eco-sustainability.

With regards to Coronavirus Citrox is currently undergoing trials to test how it works.

The Citrox hygiene range includes novel products that address the growing demands for replacing potentially harmful, synthetically based products for use in cleaning and sanitising operations in the food processing industry

Citrox technology incorporates a truly holistic approach designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning & sanitising operations using non-toxic and non-corrosive formulations, some of which comply with Organic Products Regulation EC 834/2004

The various products are effective over a wide range of pathogens, including gram positive and gram negative bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts and fungi.

Formulated to eliminate 99.999% of harmful bacteria and fungi • Effective in the presence of organic matter • Non-toxic • Food safe • Safe for personnel • Chlorine free, Quaternary Ammonium Compound free.

CORONAVIRUS: Citrox has not been specifically tested to work against Covoid-19 viruses it is currently now undergoing tests with Public Health England and in Canada.

If you would like our informal opinion on this please feel free to contact us.

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