Our Mission

Diatom Technologies is an amalgamation of products based on advanced technologies uniquely related to nanotechnology science.
All our products are made from natural sources and are harmless to human beings. They all have small and large applications ranging from cleaning your fish tank or Pond to solving the so called CO2/Greenhouse gas problems that are apparently causing global warming.

Why Diatoms?

Diatoms are one of several algae to be found in water- Seas, Ponds, Oceans, rivers, lakes, saltwater and freshwater. Together they make up less than 1% of global biomass.However this tiny biomass generates about 40% of our oxygen and removes about 40% of the total carbon dioxide.

Diatom algae distinguished by there silicon shells account for at least 25% of the oxygen in the air and 50% of the food in the oceans.

Diatom biomass may be just 0.25 % of global biomass, but by increasing this by a small amount may substantially increase the amount of CO2 absorbed and O2 released and

Diatoms are the best food for fish in lakes and oceans.

Forests and all land plants account for 80% of biomass yet they accounts for only 50% of the Oxygen in the atmosphere.Why is this so?

Mature forests (70 years or older) are Carbon neutral, i.e., the CO2 absorbed due to photosynthesis is equal to the CO2 released due to decomposition of leaves, dead trees, etc. This is because the trees are no longer growing.

More photosynthesis takes place when a tree is growing, than when it just survives.

In these terms Diatoms are the most effective way of recycling CO2. Not only that but in growing they convert pollutants – Nitrates and Phosphates into Diatoms whilst at the same time growing bacteria that cleans Oil spills and removes other Greenhouse gases such as Methane.

We have calculated that by fertilising 1.3% the Oceans with all the micronutrients required for photosynthesis – each molecule attached to silica to ensure only Diatom Algae are grown- we could reduce the CO2 increase back to acceptable levels. At the same time cleaning the Oceans, removing dead zones and feeding the works with fish.

This is why we love Diatoms.

About us

We are a UK company, based in London:

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Our mission

We have an interest in helping mostly foreign companies take their advanced technology products (many relate to nanotechnologies) to UK/EU markets


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